Infrared Sauna Wellness Session Pricing

  Wellness Session - $35

Wellness Session for Two - $45

Enhancement to any Service - $20

VIP Members get $5 off each sauna visit.

Wellness Session Packages

Buy 3, Get 1 Free

Unlimited Monthly Use - $80

What is a Wellness Session?  

     Our wellness sessions help to eliminate toxins in your body to give you a full body detoxification.  With our sauna, the average person will sweat out about 20% toxins and 80% water when compared to other saunas that you sweat out only 3% toxins and 97% water.  Wellness Sessions can also help with pain relief by reducing inflammation and arthritis.  With one 30 minute session, you can lose up to 600 calories as well as increase your metabolic rate. According to a clinical study done with our sauna, regular use of the infrared sauna can help lower blood pressure as well as improve circulation throughout your body.  Lastly, sessions will help to purify the skin and help with skin concerns such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.  It also helps with signs of aging by firming and toning skin.  Cellulite can also be reduced greatly with regular sauna use. 

How often can I use the infrared sauna?

     We recommend using the sauna regularly throughout the month to see long lasting benefits.   

Can me and a friend get in the sauna together?

     Our sauna is large enough to fit up to two people at a time so we encourage you to bring a friend or kick your feet up and relax alone. 

How do I prepare for my Wellness Session?

     Because you will sweat, we ask that only those who are well hydrated enter the sauna. 

We highly recommend drinking at least 8oz of water right before getting in and at least 24oz of water or electrolytes afterwards to rehydrate.  We have gatoraid available for purchase after your session is complete if you would prefer that over water. You may bring a water bottle with you to set right outside the unit to sip on as needed.  Also, you will want to wear a swim suit and flip flops or very light clothing (i.e. shorts, cami, tank top) during your session. You must be covered in some way at all times during sauna use.  Limited amounts of wrap robes will be available. Towels are provided.  Due to sweating during the treatment, please feel free to bring personal hygiene products along to freshen up afterwards. A mist bottle of water and essential oils is available to use afterwards as well. The sauna is in a private room. 

Infrared Sauna Wellness Sessions

Pure Moments Spa and its Infrared Sauna Purifying Treatment is not meant to cure or treat any illnesses or diseases. All above information is based on clinical studies performed from a 3rd party company affiliated with the manufacturer, Sunlighten Saunas. 

Are there any contrainindications to the Infrared Sauna?

     Our sauna is safe for just about anyone. We do ask that those who are pregnant or have heart conditions please refrain from using the Infrared Sauna. Also, those who have had cancer or have serious health concerns please consult a doctor prior to using the Infrared Sauna.  By using our sauna, you are waiving Pure Moments Spa and its operators from liability due to sauna use.  

How long do I stay in the sauna?

      Each Wellness Program has a set amount of time ranging from 30-45 minutes each session. There is also an Enhancement setting that is 20 minutes to be added on prior to massages or facials. Our wellness programs are great at really helping with different concerns.  There are 6 different Wellness Sessions to choose from each varying in length of time and tempeture to achieve specific results.  

Wellness Sessions

Cardio - helps lower blood pressure

Weight Loss - burn calories, reduce cellulite

Detoxification - reaches deep into cells to target toxins

Pain Relief - reduces inflammation and swelling

Anti-Aging - assists in firming skin and addressing skin conditions

Relaxation - reduces stress in the body and mind